Achievements 23.3.18

The following children have been on green all week: William, Lacey, Maddie, Adam, Raeesah, Ella, Marley, Isabella, Shannon, Phoebe, Reuben, Kaden, Eleanor, Alex, Kaden, Malakiy, Kyla, James, Isla, Lily, Charlotte, Matthew, Mikey, Grace, Olivia, Isaac, Kyle, Brooke, Ruby, Thomas and Millie. Well done everyone, keep up the hard work 🙂

Our raffle winners this week are Shannon and Kyle. Well done!

Our merit box winners this week are William and Olivia, they have been working really hard recently and we thought it was important to recognise this.

Achievements 19.3.18

Achievements from Friday for Y6

Well done to the following children who were on green all week: Isla, Grace, Ruby, Olivia, Thomas, Isaac, Millie, Lily, Kyle, Matthew, Mikey, Ella, Raeesah, Maddie, Adam, Reuben, Eleanor, Isabella, Alex, Phoebe, Shannon, Lacey and William. 🙂

Our raffle winners were Reuben and Kyle, keep up the hard work boys!

Our merit box winners were Marley and Lily as they continually strive to make progress by pushing and challenging themselves. Well done 🙂

Achievements 12.3.18

These are the achievements from Friday, my apologies for the delay.

The following children were on green all week: Kayden, Thomas, Ruby, Millie, Mikey, Jasper, Grace, Matthew, Kyle, Lily, Isaac, Ben, Olivia, Brooke, Isla, Maddie, Adam, Ella, Raeesah, Logan, Marley, Isabella, Warren, Alex, Eleanor, Kyla, Reuben, Kaden, Elizabeth, Malakiy, Phoebe, Shannon, Lacey, Amelia and James. Well done everyone 🙂

The raffle winners this week are Olivia, Matthew and Adam.

Our merit boxes winners were Shannon and Gurjivan. Well done you two!

Achievements 23.2.18

All of the Year 6 children have shown fantastic determination and given our mock SATs week 100% effort. Their efforts have been recognised by lots of members of staff across school and we are extremely proud of them all.

The following children have been on green all week: Archie, Maddie, Ella, James, Shannon, Lacey, Phoebe, Reuben, Adam, William, Raeesah, Alex, Isabella, Kaden, Kyla, Eleanor, Isla, Lily, Matthew, Mikey, Kayden, Grace, Olivia, Ben, Jasper, Isaac, Kyle, Thomas and Millie. Keep it up everyone 🙂

Our raffle winners this week are Phoebe and Lily.

Our merit box winners are Adam and Charlotte. They have shown a good commitment to wanting to improve and a continual strive to make progress.